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We Detect & Control the Leakage

While you often spread awareness about the conservation of water, you miss out on the leaking pipes at home. Of course, the reason that makes you be ignorant is the loss of few droplets but as it is often said that the longest journey starts with a single step. This is what we help you affirm. With our leak detection Sydney professionals, you could flawlessly contribute to the conservation of the natural resource. Once your leaking pipes are treated, we ensure it wouldn’t make you call us for any negative reasons for a couple of months, at least.

The leakage of water does not only lead to its wastage but also causes water stains when flows on the floor. In short, it affects your house too along with the environment.

Possible Symptoms

  • Dampness
  • Mould-ridden floors and walls
  • Discolouration of carpet
  • Flaky paint
  • Dripping sound
  • Water trails

The Process

As soon as you connect with us, our professionals have a look at your pipes to get a clear cut picture of the leakage that occur. Once the parts are properly examined, the treatment begins. There are wide range of tools and equipment that our plumbers are trained with to handle the leakage detection and control process. Some of the latest technology that we use at Eastern Suburbs Plumbing Group includes:

  • Radio location
  • Pressure tests
  • Thermal imaging
  • Acoustic detection, etc.

Our Professionals

When you hire our professionals to get your plumbing needs fulfilled, you must know that you will be having the most efficient and perfectionist plumbers to help you. They will not only detect and treat your pipes but also make sure you don’t have to call them for the same purpose anymore. Once they come to you, they will inspect all your water supply and drainage issue, if you wish them to do the same. They are not only skilled and experienced but are also license holding service providers.

If you want to avail reliable leak detection Sydney services having significant warranty, Eastern Suburbs Plumbing Group is ready to help you any time.